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Well Christmas has come and gone and needless to say I didn't get around to making half the the things I had planed on. I got sick and that set me back about a week and half, and with all the secret buddy stuff I procrastinated about, can imagine what I was like in the week before Christmas. So..what got done got done and what didn't well, still hasn't, LOL!

This was by far the worst Christmas ever, Jason had picked up a laptop on sale the day after Thanksgiving so he had given it to me 2 weeks before Christmas. Now, whne he went shopping on black Friday, he picked up a few things I asked him for and that's all I got under the tree :o( Boy was I disappointed!! No surprises, no treats, no special somethings this year.
Don't worry..I made sure Jason knew how hurt my feelings were, I couldn't help it, it was written all over my face when I was looking all over for my present.


Christmas is sneaking up on me!

I'm here blogging when I have quite a few presents to be making! The weather is very icky today sleet and freezing rain or some such, so it's perfect weather, or excuses to be inside crocheting, baking and crafting.
I found a very neat website with the most adorable and easy ornaments for the kids to make and just as soon as we get to making them I'll post pictures!



Well I did it. I went and had the spinal cord stimulator put in. What a huge mistake that was! I have this enormous battery pack jutting out my back it hurts like hell when I bend over, just from the strain of the stupid thing. Not to mention how uncomfortable it is to lean against anything, like DRIVING!
Not to mention the leads in the middle of my shoulder blades, how annoying they are. It's been over a month and I haven't even turned the stupid thing on more than twice. It's awful.
I'm still on all the meds I was on before, actually the dr's increased them. What a nightmare :o(