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December 26, 2010

Well, I made it!  Another one has passed and I managed to make it through. Believe me when I say, the past 4 weeks I have requested assistance from not only my own gods, but my children's God as well.
I needed some clarity, some restraint so not to get caught up in all the frivolous buying and spending on overly promoted toys my kids "forgot" they wanted until they saw them in the store,LOL.

About 3.5 weeks ago the little ones were prompted to begin thinking about  their letters to Santa. Make a list I said, this way, if you think of something else, you can add it and at the end of the week, we'll write the letters.

I'm almost embarrassed  to tell you what my children asked for, my 9yr daughter, books, color by number, a surprise. My 5yrson... legos and crayons, and balloons.
It's wonderful they didn't ask for anything, but that's really hard to shop for, hahaha!

We had a very quiet day, the kids were very happy with what Santa did bring, a few ipods, an iPhone, a boombox, many legos, a lot of ironman, craft kits everywhere!!

We ate casually, but deliciously, early to bed, only to be repeated tomorrow :)

I'm looking forward to beginnings, new commitments, new attitudes.

But first, we have New Years Eve dinner with my girls <3


Yule and Christmas

In my house we believe and celebrate all paths to God. Whomever that God, your God(s), may be.
This time of year, everyone gets to feeling a little more sociable, charitable, and hopefully closer to God. 
We  certainly do! We decorate the house, put up a Christian tree, the kids LOVE this, the little ones can't keep their hands off the ornaments, especially the fragile, glass sentimental ones!
We keep the tree lit constantly, oh, did I mention it's a real tree? We will of course use it for compost when the season has past.

Now, as we get closer to the solstice, we will begin to prepare for Yule. My older boys while they're out, will be searching for the perfect Yule log, the one from last year has most definitely been used up!

I have a Yule celebration on the weekend of the solstice where I hold an open circle, anyone the kids wish to invite is welcome. We have cookies, hot cocoa and mulled cider.

This time of year usually gets me excited, and in the Holiday spirit, but for some reason, this year, I can't seem to find it! 
Maybe it's because I did so much of my shopping online? Maybe it's because there are gifts I wanted to make, but I have yet to get started on them, and that has me gripped with a handful of different feelings(aside)?
I don't know there is so much going on right now, if I was ok, I'd be worried!

I am looking forward to the Holidays, because it's not about what gets bought, or made, it's about who you're spending time with. What's important is WHO wants to be with you, share your faith, share your space, share your face, you don't have to be perfect for real friends...friends won't care, they love you, and they celebrate with you because they want to share you, and that's where the Christmas magick lays.


Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving...let's just say, what can go wrong, will go wrong! This year was a new experience for me, for more than just one reason!

I admit I got a late start preparing, in fact it wasn't until Wednesday that I actually got my turkey, so I was stuck with what was left...a Butterball. Not too happy, but it was fresh and it was big.
Oldest daughter worked just a few morning hours, so it was wonderful to have her home with us the rest of the day, while unfortunately oldest son had to work from 2-6 which meant a later than usual dinner. 

So, we snacked... taco dip, cheese and crackers, onion dip with cru de tet, stuffed mushrooms, chips, fruit. 
When it came time to prepare the stuffing I realize I have no thyme, and no can this be? It's too late to run the store of course, so Thanksgiving with no stuffing. OH well, we'll live.
Now onto the vegetables...cream cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, which my 7yr old not so lovingly refers to as the original stink bombs, LOL. Cranberry sauce, turnips, and mashed potatoes. No gravy you ask? Well that too is a story.

When I attempted to make my gravy like I usually do with the turkey drippings and flour, a rue, add water and there's gravy...this time all I got was pure oil in a lovely shade of golden brown :O/ 
 How on Earth did this happen?? I haven't a clue, all I know is that Butterball turkey cursed me and I'll never buy another one again.

I'm ready for a Thanksgiving do-over, where can I get a $.29lb turkey?!?!

I hope all your Thanksgiving dinners were more successful, now on to crocheting Christmas gifts. YIPEE :O)


Holiday gift thinking!

It seems that everyone is tweeting about what they are making as holiday gifts! I'm not even ready for Thanksgiving, but that's between you and me, right? Every year I decide I will begin early get a jump on things, so, by the time I really feel the crunch of UH-OH, I better get started...I've already got some gifts made.
You see, I have quite a stash of really nice yarn, so there's no excuse for me not to get started on teachers gifts, it's only 3! The bus driver, the nurses, I really would love to make something for Carleen at the shrinks office, she's so good to me, calls me if I'm ever in danger of missing an appointment.
So why the procrastination? Getting to the yarn? It's certainly not getting to the patterns...they're right here at my fingertips, literally!
I also want to make a few things for Jeffs friends, I really love these kids. I had a brainstorm today, what about hackysacks? It seems they're constantly roofing them, sooo  if I make them all one with their initial on it, I think they will think it's cool. As for the girls, maybe a cool scarf? We'll see.
And that's where I'm at now, I still am looking around for something simple my 9, 7 and 5yr old can make for the teachers themselves, OH and grandparents of course , thank goodness we only have 1 set. LOL

As always, comments are loved, suggestions are welcome and appreciated, compliments get you great karma, follow gets you follow'd back :O)



Now that my giveaway has ended, and a winner has been chosen, congratulations Raven! 
I just want to share how much fun this has been for me. OK, I did forget to send out reminders a few days, but just the anticipation of being able to send out a nice box stuffed full of mystery is an awesome feeling!
While the giveaway has been pending a few things have happened here in my household, I adopted an adult pit, Maximus from AC&C in Manhattan he's 5 and was suffering from an URI, so he has to return on 12/4/10 to be neutered. Until then, we're dealing with his "affection" for everyone in the house. I must admit, my patience for that is getting rather thin.
I've gotten in touch with a few friends I haven't seen or talked to in months, and that's a good thing :O)


Twitter Giveaway!

Hello friends:

I've reached over 300 followers on Twitter and I am so surprised and thankful I decided to do a giveaway! 
What is she giving away you ask? It's a *mystery* box full of crochet and knitting items! Possibly even a something crocheted or knitted for you by me!

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment here, and retweet about the contest. 
Each time you do, you get an entry. Easy peasy!  Contest ends November 12th....Good luck friends!



Raising children is never boring, as I'm sure all moms out there will agree. I, happen to enjoy those little 'adventures' the little curves they throw at you from left field, it keeps life interesting.

Teenagers are especially great for this particular  action!  I'm so relieved to say I have an excellent relationship with both my teen boys, I truly am blessed. We share an open communication line, with nothing off limits. The agreement is as long as they're honest, they don't get in trouble.

Today while talking talking to my 15y.o he was questioning me on how I know certain things about his life and friends he doesn't share. Basically how I fill in the blanks. So, I decided the time is about right to share with him exactly what my gifts entail. 

I explain to him that I am an empath, and in that I can feel what he's going through, so when he shares details with me, it's basically filling in the blanks. This gift makes it easier to communicate with my sons since they don't really talk much, I always have clues to spark  our talks in the right direction.

Parenting teens is most definitely a challenge, but with it comes the greatest joys of watching them develop into respectful, productive members of society. That my friends, is what makes me proud!


Happy Birthday!!!

The wait is over, my nephew is a brand new Dad! 
His first child, a son, was born... John Paul 6lbs 11oz  came into this world on September 14th.
He looks just like his daddy and his daddy's family, it's amazing!!! I'm just so excited for him I know he's going to be a terrific father.


Blooming Lovely: What Happened In My Birth Year?

Blooming Lovely: What Happened In My Birth Year?: "I was sent this from a friend in an email this morning. What happened in my birth year? It really is different to other sites that list wh..."

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Family Dinner

Since Jason started his 4-12 shift and misses dinner with us during the week, I've made it a point to make a mice meal on the weekends when he's home. On Sunday I made a meatloaf, well 2 small ones so they would cook faster. 
Well when I tell you how much everyone went crazy over that meatloaf, LOL  A few years ago I stopped making meatloaf because nobody would eat it!! 
Jeff even asked me if I would leave him my recipe in my will(long story to come another time).

Needless to say meatloaf will now become a regular feature on the menu in our house :D

Groundbeef(for my family I used 7lbs)
Italian-style breadcrumbs depends on how much meat you use
Eggs again depending on how much meat, usually 2, I used 3
Lipton dry onion soup mix, 1 or 2 pkgs
Worcestershire sauce splash it over the top of your meat mound, again, the amount depends on the size

NOW...for the most important part of the meatloaf take a small bowl of warm water and you wet your hands, then you mix the meatloaf, when your hands are dry you wet them from the bowl again, and you continue to do so until your meatloaf is well mixed, squishy and moist from the water bowl!
Bake in 375 oven for approx 1.5 hrs my meatloaf was 2 small loaves if yours is one loaf it may only need 1 hour.

Enjoy <3


I'm gonna be a Great Aunt, aw c'mon I already am! ;b

For those of you who have been keeping up with me, either blogging or by twitter, you know the story of me being reunited with my nephew after way too many years. Well, he and his wife are expecting their first baby very soon, and I've been scouring the web looking for just the right patterns for my soon-to-be-birthed great nephew! Of course he shall be great, he's a HAGAN! HAHA

I've found some, a Granny Square blanket which is very cool, not too retro, and a cutsie sweater lightweight enough for Houston. Now I need to find some rockin' kick ass beanies and booties and I'll be on my way. He just can't be born 'till then.
Send the stork a memo someone, will ya??


As you can see by looking at my page, I'm having an issue with Formspring, LOL, I'm sorry for the repetitiveness, but hopefully I'll get it straightened it out soon. Thanks for your patience :)


8 reasons to lose weight now with an online diet - Sponsored Post

As if I needed a reason...LOL,Seriiously, take a look this it's sensible info to make your life healthier!

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A great tip from our friends at CROCHET! magazine: After finishing a worsted-weight project, make a granny square block with extra yarn for future afghan or gift.


Red Heart E-book

Hey case you didn't know you can go here and download a free e-book of patterns from Red Heart. I believe there are almost 40 patterns, some knit, some crochet all in pdf format.

Have fun :D



Another great giveaway friends! Flapper Fashions which you'll find here is having a very exciting Spring giveaway. Remarkeable jewelry, headbands, gloves even the most adorable bookmark! All you need to do is pass the word on about the giveaway to simple??

Visit my facebook page, com back here more often, or very simply follow me on twitter for MORE chances to win...this is soo much fun!



If you like gourmet food stuffs and by that I mean Easter basket candy and should hurry up over to a GREAT website for this contest trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!


I've been tweeting, and learning, and making many new friends! Entering contests and winning! In fact I just got through entering a contest to win a Twilight Scene-it game for the Nintendo DS, all I had to do to qualify was make a few new friends, isn't that wonderful??

When I first found the internet I was astounded by the learning possibilities, but now with Twitter...I have really been able to reach out and befriend others all the way across the country, even all the way across the world. Those with common interests and those with things to teach me.



My experience with the justice system

I was recently summoned for jury duty in criminal court out in Riverhead. When I first started calling I assumed they wouldn't get to my number like Charlie and Jason, but then I actually looked at my number and realized how low the numbers really were and what a good chance I had in being called!
And I was !!

Low and behold I was chosen to sit on the jury, the indictment was DWI and aggravated opperation of a motor vehicle without a license, basically, he knew he was driving with a revoke license because he handed the police officer a NYS non-driver I.D.   after two weeks of testimony we convicted, when the trial was over we learned from the Assistant District Attorney that this was his fifth offense and only the second one where he did NOT cause an injury. 

Boy were we relieved we took that menace off the streets and personally, I slept very well that night. 

Jury duty is an honor and a privilege. It's an opportunity to have your voice heard. It's not a nuisance, it's a terrific responsibility to your fellow Americans and providing to them their Constitutional right, a jury of their peers.
If you get a questionaire fill it out and return it, if you're luck enough to be summoned...CALL, if they call your number, GO, there are many opportunities to be excused if the case is not a comfortabe one for you. You never know, you may be pleasently surprised, you may actually want to see how the wheels of justice turn from the inside!




I recently started using twitter regularly and stumbled upon The Blissful Chef an incredible macrobiotic/vegan chef who has written a few cookbooks and offers awesome recipes as well as advice for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Chisty will occasionally review products and run a contest sponsored by the company of said product if you follow Christy's few simple rules. Well this time guess who won Kookie Kookies ? A vegan friendly cookie that look ohh sooo yummy!! I'm so excited one, because I never win anything, and two, because it's great to be able to try before you buy a treat such as this which can sometimes be quite pricey! 

So I suggest you visit both websites, and follow them on twitter!! 


Issues, Issues, Issues...

I don't know if any of you are having issues with your "following" or "blogs I follow" but I certainly am!

They've disappeared! When I go to re-add them it doesn't save. SO please don't think I deleted you or any other such thing, it's just a blogger issue and hopefully will be cleared up shortly :O)

Until then you can always follow me on Twitter

Dreaming of Spring...

Deb  <3


Feel free to ask me anything, I'm very honest and open minded. Just keep it mature please.


I'm 40!!

I've entered a new decade in my life and I'm soo excited! New Beginnings, new opportunities, life changes!
I feel like I'm starting the second half of my life, like I'm being reborn somehow, but this time into a woman.

I had a very nice birthday, my girl Katie took me out to lunch at Panera, she met me with flowers and balloons,I had my favorite broccolli and cheese soup in the bread bowl with green iced tea, she gave me the lovliest incense burner and incense and a beautiful pendant crystal. I've been wearing ever since. I really adore that girl, I could love her any more if I had given life to her.

Jason and Charlie made me dinner, eggplant parm and spaghetti with a nice salad and a delicious chocolate birthday cake from BJ's...and my Shelby came, YAY!
Jason got me a Flip, oh the fun I'll have with that, LOL and Charlie gave me a Brighton charm bracelet XD, and earrings, (picasso) for those of you into Brighton, and a mouse for my laptop. I'm very loved...just look at my facebook wall, LOL.
It's great being 40 <3 but even greater being me!

Is it Spring Yet?

It seems like the cold weather has really just taken hold here on Long Island, but I've already had enough. My RSD is screaming...with a neck issue and what appears to be a muscle spasm in my mid back? I visited the doc yesterday and he gave me a few trigger point injections which killed! It's too hard to tell if they relieved any of the pain, haha.
I'm going to make some wrist warmers tonight, I really need them and I've been procrastinating long enough.
I'll be happy when the warm weather is back and my aches lighten up again. As for now though, we're expecting some sort of storm this fun fun :O)