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Twitter Giveaway!

Hello friends:

I've reached over 300 followers on Twitter and I am so surprised and thankful I decided to do a giveaway! 
What is she giving away you ask? It's a *mystery* box full of crochet and knitting items! Possibly even a something crocheted or knitted for you by me!

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment here, and retweet about the contest. 
Each time you do, you get an entry. Easy peasy!  Contest ends November 12th....Good luck friends!



Raising children is never boring, as I'm sure all moms out there will agree. I, happen to enjoy those little 'adventures' the little curves they throw at you from left field, it keeps life interesting.

Teenagers are especially great for this particular  action!  I'm so relieved to say I have an excellent relationship with both my teen boys, I truly am blessed. We share an open communication line, with nothing off limits. The agreement is as long as they're honest, they don't get in trouble.

Today while talking talking to my 15y.o he was questioning me on how I know certain things about his life and friends he doesn't share. Basically how I fill in the blanks. So, I decided the time is about right to share with him exactly what my gifts entail. 

I explain to him that I am an empath, and in that I can feel what he's going through, so when he shares details with me, it's basically filling in the blanks. This gift makes it easier to communicate with my sons since they don't really talk much, I always have clues to spark  our talks in the right direction.

Parenting teens is most definitely a challenge, but with it comes the greatest joys of watching them develop into respectful, productive members of society. That my friends, is what makes me proud!