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I really haven't updated in a long time! Well a lot has changed I noticed, lol. I read my profile and I am no longer a SAHM, I am a working mom, although I am home now on medical leave.
So...last August(07)I started working at the town animal shelter and I LOVE it!
However in November I got bit by a feral cat, due to some serious stupidity by a co-worker, who shall remain nameless. The cat punctured my radial nerve in my left hand, the inital injury healed quite ncely due to a terrific hand surgeon, however, the injury which left me with RSD/CRPS in my left hand. This is an incredibly painful and debilitating illness, but I am blessed with a wonderful pain management doctor. After OT and a serious commitment I went back to work in 6 weeks and was doing really with medical June 08 after being told by my direct supervisor I was not to handle strange cats, the secondary supervisor ordered me to care for a cat that was in medical distress and I got bit again, directly on the spot where I was having all of my RSD issuses.
This set me back to worse than I was before!
My doctor not wanting to take any chances decided to jump right on it, he immediately put me on strong pain meds(even though I balked at opiates) and ordered Stellate Ganglion Blocks back to back which were unsuccessful. now I am scheduled for a SCS(spinal cord stimulator).