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DIfferent Topic

I've decided to just let the subject of the bulldogs die. They're back in Florida, where they belong. Melissa Nelson an evil evil woman with no moral conscience, I am convinced will eventually be punished by the threefold law. Not only because of what she did to me personally, and how she tried to destroy my reputation in my own neighborhood, but in the rescue community as well. Just from what I have seen her do to other people, bash them, post their picture, write stories, who knows if they're true. She should be ashamed of herself.

And this is the last you will hear from me on this topic.


My Trainer

Canine Counsel- When Tucay came he sat with us for at least 45min, in that time he assessed all my dogs, not just the American Bullys. He sat with Max, petting him, stroking him, I think he took a liking to's hard not to, he's the perfect blue nose pit. 
He gave us history, we discussed dog psychology, his philosophy and how we would begin training. I really admired him and I couldn't wait to get started!
We made a plan and scheduled our next appointments.
The next day I started with the first steps of his direction and we were somewhat successful! Then one day coming in from a walk my little chihuahua Schnook darted out from behind the couch and the female grabbed her, I was too late. By the time I got her to the Animal Hospital she was gone. Shock and a punctured lung.
Then a few days later when we had one really awful fight, it was more like a trying to  break it up, I almost lost the tip of my finger and my husband got a fractured wrist, lost 2 weeks of work, the male almost lost an eye.
That was the last straw, as a family we decided we could no longer put our family at risk. I tried to get in touch with Fur Angels but I had no luck. I practically begged Bulldog Rescue to help me, they only place Olde English Bulldogs.
I was at my wits end. My last resort was to reach out to a friend out East with much more room than I have to hold onto the dogs until I could come up with a solution. My house was much too small, they were constantly in view of each other it was way too stressful. At least, I thought at Bill's place they'd have access to a dog run where they could get exercise and peace.
However! nothing in life is easy...transporting the dogs they see a stray,and begin fighting,get lose and chase the stray dog,and get lost.
They wind up in East Hampton Shelter....

It Just Doesn't Stop

So much has happened since my last post. I really need to tell the story of my bulldogs. So many of you that read my blog followed the story of their adoption with great interest, and I believe you all deserve to know what happened when Jason and I went to pick them up from Florida. 
We picked them up, put them in the car...turned the corner and they began to fight. Not serious,we pulled over and broke it up, separated them and continued on our way. Every single time we stopped to water, feed, or walk them there was a fight. They were just too strong for me to hold, with my RSD, I have absolutely no strength in my hands. 
The fighting was unbelievable, I thought they were going to kill each other. We finally got home and it continued,only now MY dogs were being attacked as well! Poor Max, his jaw took such a beating, but we were able to them apart right away due to the size difference and Max's response to me.
I tried everything with these dogs, I crated them, covered the crates, kept them in different rooms, fed and walked them at different times. They still managed to get to each other by breaking through the metal crates. The female had a HUGE laceration on her forehead from bashing her head repeatedly against the crate in an attempt to escape.
Chewing on the crate to bend the bars so they would brake easily. It was constant fighting, constant tension. 
After a week of this I knew it was time to call in a professional. I found the BEST he has experience with American bullys as well as fighting dogs. When I called him he gave me such encouragement.