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Multi-faceted Update

I came to give an update on the dogs, only to see all posts from March seem to have been deleted!
This is a serious BUMMER since soooo much has happened since then! Let's see, I'll try to condense it all and make it short and sweet.
When I adopted the Bulls to prevent them from being put down, we had arrangements for everything from boarding to transport, but unfortunately we just ran into one issue after another!
When I couldn't wait any longer I drove down to Highalyea FL and picked them up myself. Not that, that wasn't issue free, more on that later...
But they're here now and all is not picture perfect. We have sibling rivalry to the fullest extent. 
Now Pits I know and can read and deal with...Bulldogs are new to me, so, I called in a professional. More to come on that!