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Red Heart E-book

Hey case you didn't know you can go here and download a free e-book of patterns from Red Heart. I believe there are almost 40 patterns, some knit, some crochet all in pdf format.

Have fun :D



Another great giveaway friends! Flapper Fashions which you'll find here is having a very exciting Spring giveaway. Remarkeable jewelry, headbands, gloves even the most adorable bookmark! All you need to do is pass the word on about the giveaway to simple??

Visit my facebook page, com back here more often, or very simply follow me on twitter for MORE chances to win...this is soo much fun!



If you like gourmet food stuffs and by that I mean Easter basket candy and should hurry up over to a GREAT website for this contest trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!


I've been tweeting, and learning, and making many new friends! Entering contests and winning! In fact I just got through entering a contest to win a Twilight Scene-it game for the Nintendo DS, all I had to do to qualify was make a few new friends, isn't that wonderful??

When I first found the internet I was astounded by the learning possibilities, but now with Twitter...I have really been able to reach out and befriend others all the way across the country, even all the way across the world. Those with common interests and those with things to teach me.



My experience with the justice system

I was recently summoned for jury duty in criminal court out in Riverhead. When I first started calling I assumed they wouldn't get to my number like Charlie and Jason, but then I actually looked at my number and realized how low the numbers really were and what a good chance I had in being called!
And I was !!

Low and behold I was chosen to sit on the jury, the indictment was DWI and aggravated opperation of a motor vehicle without a license, basically, he knew he was driving with a revoke license because he handed the police officer a NYS non-driver I.D.   after two weeks of testimony we convicted, when the trial was over we learned from the Assistant District Attorney that this was his fifth offense and only the second one where he did NOT cause an injury. 

Boy were we relieved we took that menace off the streets and personally, I slept very well that night. 

Jury duty is an honor and a privilege. It's an opportunity to have your voice heard. It's not a nuisance, it's a terrific responsibility to your fellow Americans and providing to them their Constitutional right, a jury of their peers.
If you get a questionaire fill it out and return it, if you're luck enough to be summoned...CALL, if they call your number, GO, there are many opportunities to be excused if the case is not a comfortabe one for you. You never know, you may be pleasently surprised, you may actually want to see how the wheels of justice turn from the inside!