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Slump has come to an end!

Yes my dear friends I am sooo very happy to report that my serious crochet slump has come to an end! At first I thought it was going to be a project that I started and put down and quickly became a WIP, which before long turned into a UFO...especially since it was a project which involved a brand new stitch. A crossed tripple crochet is one I've never done, so at first it was a little challenging, and yes, I admit a fair share of frogging, LOL, but I got the hang of it before long.

It's actually moving along pretty quickly. I would love to share pictures of my progress, but it's a surprise for a friend...who I'm not even sure reads my blog BUT I don't want to take the chance!

I'm actually very excited to be crocheting again. I had so many aprehensions about picking up that hook, I was afraid my work would be inferior...that I wouldn't be able to follow the pattern...the yarn would be difficult...a million things raced through my mind. Most of all everyone who supported me while I struggled through the difficult days of my slump. The people who understood how troublesome it was to WANT to do something and to have this invisibke force inside you holding you back. To want to break through this cloud or smog of unknowing.

So thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this trying time. For reading, offering support, pointing me in several directions for assistance. What a wonderful group of people I am so very blessed to know!!


Exciting News!!

My oldest son is the bassist in a Death Metal band, Warborne. They recently competed in a local "Battle of the Bands" where they went 3 rounds with several talented older musicians.

They WON!! I'm sooo proud of all of these young men. They are so talented, it's amazing how easy they make it look. They really did deserve to win, they played from the heart; they put on a show like never before. I was so proud of them, of the talent, their commitment, and the obvious solidarity, which might have been part of what won it for them. Not to mention the awesome shirts they were selling!!

It's hard to believe they've only been together for a year.
The prizes they won are incredible, $1000, a demo, drumstick, guitar string and pick endorsements, and a 21 stop Northeast TOUR!!! YES my baby is going on tour, can you imagine?? I can't, he's only 18 he just graduated high school.
It goes by way too fast...



Awesome application for your iPhone or iTouch friends!!! I just read about it in Crochet Today magazine...
"It offers four customizable counters that can track rows completed, pattern rows, increases, and decreases, making it easier than ever to keep track of your place in your pattern" Produced by

It's available at the iPhone App Store..I downloaded it just a few minutes ago :o)

They also have a program to track your stash and for knitters, you lucky dogs you!