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I recently started using twitter regularly and stumbled upon The Blissful Chef an incredible macrobiotic/vegan chef who has written a few cookbooks and offers awesome recipes as well as advice for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Chisty will occasionally review products and run a contest sponsored by the company of said product if you follow Christy's few simple rules. Well this time guess who won Kookie Kookies ? A vegan friendly cookie that look ohh sooo yummy!! I'm so excited one, because I never win anything, and two, because it's great to be able to try before you buy a treat such as this which can sometimes be quite pricey! 

So I suggest you visit both websites, and follow them on twitter!! 


Issues, Issues, Issues...

I don't know if any of you are having issues with your "following" or "blogs I follow" but I certainly am!

They've disappeared! When I go to re-add them it doesn't save. SO please don't think I deleted you or any other such thing, it's just a blogger issue and hopefully will be cleared up shortly :O)

Until then you can always follow me on Twitter

Dreaming of Spring...

Deb  <3


Feel free to ask me anything, I'm very honest and open minded. Just keep it mature please.


I'm 40!!

I've entered a new decade in my life and I'm soo excited! New Beginnings, new opportunities, life changes!
I feel like I'm starting the second half of my life, like I'm being reborn somehow, but this time into a woman.

I had a very nice birthday, my girl Katie took me out to lunch at Panera, she met me with flowers and balloons,I had my favorite broccolli and cheese soup in the bread bowl with green iced tea, she gave me the lovliest incense burner and incense and a beautiful pendant crystal. I've been wearing ever since. I really adore that girl, I could love her any more if I had given life to her.

Jason and Charlie made me dinner, eggplant parm and spaghetti with a nice salad and a delicious chocolate birthday cake from BJ's...and my Shelby came, YAY!
Jason got me a Flip, oh the fun I'll have with that, LOL and Charlie gave me a Brighton charm bracelet XD, and earrings, (picasso) for those of you into Brighton, and a mouse for my laptop. I'm very loved...just look at my facebook wall, LOL.
It's great being 40 <3 but even greater being me!

Is it Spring Yet?

It seems like the cold weather has really just taken hold here on Long Island, but I've already had enough. My RSD is screaming...with a neck issue and what appears to be a muscle spasm in my mid back? I visited the doc yesterday and he gave me a few trigger point injections which killed! It's too hard to tell if they relieved any of the pain, haha.
I'm going to make some wrist warmers tonight, I really need them and I've been procrastinating long enough.
I'll be happy when the warm weather is back and my aches lighten up again. As for now though, we're expecting some sort of storm this fun fun :O)