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So after not crocheting for much too long, I decided to join an exchange through my yahoo group. Fingerless gloves! They come in really "handy" for my CRPS, and Fall is a great time of year to make a fashion statement. Hope you all like them as much as I do.


Wip wednesdays-

I recently made a commitment to crochet or read in place of mindless eatting. Im in the process of a nice shawl. Tell me what you think.


Great book giveaway...written as a memoir, I'm sure many of you will find this story of great interest. Go check it out, and join Goodreads while you're there!


Book Sniffers Anonymous: About Us

Book Sniffers Anonymous: About Us: Kristin is the girl behind the blog and likes the smell of a new book. She once went to the store and bought a new bo...