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Change in Plans-Good News/Bad News?

Sunday came and boy what a busy and eventful day it was! I was praying all the dogs got adopted and mine got to Comfort Kennels without a hitch. Well...I should know by now, nothing ever goes as planned! 
Marilyn, who is such a doll I can't even find words, called to tell me Cannon was gone, but did I want his brother, I said yes of course, but his brother was also gone...sad for me, but GREAT for them!!

I had been looking at the dogs still left and I kept being drawn to a dog named Nemesis, why on Earth would you name Man's best friend Nemesis? *sigh* Anyway, thankfully someone who MET the dog, renamed him Wiggles :O)
who happened to be heartworm positive. Surely a death sentence at this stage of the game.
I mentioned to Marilyn I wanted to take Wiggles, we discussed the  heartworm and how sick he was, I had to give this underdog a chance.  Heartworm is completely treatable, caused by a mosquito bite! Also completely preventable with  monthly maintenance.       So..... he's mine!

I adopted HIM!!

 Now Diamond and Wiggles are officially MY dogs!!  I just have to get them HERE...Please don't forget about the Chip-in, so many have been very generous already,but every little bit helps, these dogs need to see the vet, which means being driven, then the cost of transport. Every little bit saved is more I have to spend on vet care, training, and SPOILING!!! 

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! And it wouldn't have been possible without the help, patience, tenacity, and dedication of some lovely women I have been blessed to have on my side! More on that later ;o)


Sunday-the last day and the suspense is killing me!

Today CANNON and DIAMOND are being rescued by Dahlia Canes and Ana Alvite is taking them to COMFORT KENNELS (Yes, they are opening tomorrow just for these dogs! thank You Fabio!) And then Ileana Gibson is taking them to Palmetto Animal Clinic for health certificates to travel and a nice tick removal bath and tick collar. Then they will go back to Comfort Kennels for a short time while Leslie Crews works out the exact pick date for them to travel to Long Island, NY to Deb Stelling.(that's ME!!)

I've been tweeting the chip-in regularly,today I realized hashtags were a good idea,this way American Bulldog lovers would be sure to read it, as well as anyone aware of what's going on at MDAS.
Hopefully, the next post will be when my dogs are at Comfort Kennels!! Fingers crossed :O)



You all know my advocacy and love of the Bully breeds. Whats happening in MDAS is breaking my heart,so we've decided to welcome 2 American Bulldogs into our home. You can meet them below. I'm paying for everything I can, and those of you who know me, know I hate to ask for help...but any little bit saved getting these guys here to Long Island will save $$ for vet care and training. So many have helped where they can, I've been very lucky that the ladies down in FL are relentless in getting things done, and so generous with their time. They could teach some of the rescues up here a thing or two! 

Please help save just 2  Diamond and Cannon of 300+ in danger of losing their lives?? If just 10 of you chipped in$2, that would pay for vet certificates and the tick bath Cannon needs! 
I know you'll help if you can. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I'm praying they ALL get out.  


Please help......MDAS is cleaning house All dogs need out today and tomorrow. Don't have a time frame as to when they will be put down but very very urgent. This is no joke!!!! Tell everyone!!!
Know that this means any animals past due, without holds or DNE'S do not have much time. To close the shelter for intakes so that it can be cleaned of disease does not allow for all animals to remain there indefinately.
We are trying to rescue at least 2 American Bulldogs from MDAS today or tomorrow.
They have a family that wants to adopt them from Seldon, NY. Deb Stelling.
these dogs will have to be taken to the vet immediately. CANNON has a tick infestation and will need treatment for that before he is able to travel and get the health certificates the dogs need for transport.
Ground transportation is being worked out now.
They will stay at Comfort Kennels until ready to go to New York's Long Island.



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