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Helga's Shawl!

This is my lovely daughter Jill modeling my brand new shawl! I received this from my partner Helga in our At My House yahoo group shawl exchange. It took Helga a little longer thank expected to complete this shawl since she took a fall and was injured. I am so honored that she continued until she was able to complete it just for me!

I absolutely love it! This picture does not do it justice, it it super soft and cozy and the blue is so bright and cheerful! I can't wait until Fall!!

Thank you so much Helga, I really love it, can you tell???


New additions!

I am proud to say we have 3 new additions to my family! Furry ones that is.
The first came about in a serious case of kismet- I was considering inviting a new doggie into the house since Titan(my Aussie) is getting older and we were feeling he needed a companion.
About 2 weeks ago I received a call from my friend Lynne from Grateful Danes Great Dane rescue. I have adopted from her twice in the past, so she needed someone she could trust. She knew of an abused pup (18 month old) harlequin that needed rescuing fast, so the owner dropped her off about 9pm. Then she dropped off one sheltie at a time.
It took about 2 weeks, but now she trusts up completely and has become a different dog. I am so proud to say she has changed from a shy, fearful animal with no life in her eyes, to a playful, happy, obedient pet! The shelties were only supposed to be temporary....

Well...if you know what an Aussie looks like you can understand why I couldn't turn these guys away!'s been a little crazy, but the kids are LOVING it, so therefore so am I.
It's a great Summer so far!



I know I haven't updated in a while, I have been busy with the end of school year.
I burned my foot in April (2nd degree) which set me back a bit, I also had surgery the first week in May and recovery wasn't as quick as I expected.

My oldest daughter graduated with high honors from High School the end of about bittersweet.
I am SOOO proud of her, and at the same time it forces one to recognize how your *baby* has grown into a mature young lady. They grow up so fast.
She's on to college in the Fall.

My oldest son is working this Summer and really coming along on playing the Bass guitar, he taught himself how to play the Star Spangled Banner,pretty cool.
He's matured a lot the past few months and I'm really proud of the course load he's decided to take on for Junior Year, Honors English and Social Studies. It should prove quite challenging since he has work, and fencing added to the mix.

My 3rd prodigy ended the year with High Honors as well, no surprise really, he is exceptionally gifted, but an A+ in 6th grade band AND 7th grade band? AMAZING.
I always knew he was talented, but the trombone??? WHO KNEW???
He's spending his summer annoying his siblings and tormenting his parents, typical 12 year old behavior :o)

As for my 10 and 6 year old, they are already looking forward to September, can you believe it?
Their Summer is filled with playing in the pool and with the dogs, occasionally playing with the dogs in the pool.

My 4 year old is anxiously awaiting pre-K. He's happy and excited, I'm a nervous wreck. What will I do without him? He's so entertaining, and my poor baby will be all alone.
So that's my update, I haven't had much time to create anything super wonderful. Hopefully soon I will get that bug again and start hooking.

Remember- well behaved women rarely make history.
and as John Burroughs said-

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."

Make it a GREAT day.