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Today is the last day of the first week of school. We made it...ok so it was only 3 days, but it was a rough 3 days! Actually we settled into a very nice schedule, and it makes it so much easier that everyone is so happy with their teachers and teams and friends that Mom is breathing a very big *sigh* of relief.

Now originally I was worried about Axel going to North Coleman and getting the others on the bus and making the preK doors, but it's actually working out fine. Axel loves PreK, he was only a little freaked out by the one kid screaming for his mother, LOL.
MacKenzie is excited about 3rd grade and learning Social Studies and Science, until we explained that she has been learning Social Studies and Science all this time from her other teachers, just not out of a text book, LOL. She was a tad disappointed...but she had sooo much fun doing her "About Me" poster and was thrilled to find out she'll be learning the Recorder!!
I don't know how I will go about dilluting the pressure of the state tests on her this year, the school does make a big deal out of it because it's important for their funding or whatever, but I'm worried about her putting too much pressure on herself and freezing.
Now Angus is already LOVING first grade, he is so happy he got the teacher he wanted, MacKenzie's first grade teacher, who happens to be the sweetest most loving woman in the school. Angus will flourish in this nuturing enviornment, he will learn an amazing amount because Beth Forrester will encourage his own natural inquisitivness and curiosity based learning style. He will feel safe to ask questions beyond the realm of first grade knowledge, so he'll never be bored!
I'm sooo happy!!

I'm looking forward to a GREAT year!

It's so hard to believe it was 8 years ago today the towers came down. In so many ways it seems like yesterday, and in others 100 years ago. I'm still mourning my towers, still angry there's nothing there where they once stood, what's the hold up?
Re-build them already!!! Show the bastards EXACTLY how strong America really is as a nation.
Well that's my stance on 9/11 and I'll never forget where I was that day,like every other American. This is in memory of everyone lost that day, fireman, police officer, port authority, citizen, and their families who made the sacrifice. We WILL never forget.