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So many projects so little time!

I have been crocheting and knitting like crazy these past few weeks. I found so many great ideas for gifts and simple patterns for Christmas ornaments, I want to make them ALL!!!

I just hope I can find the time before I have to start wrapping and sending them!


Carol Thomas said...

Welcome!! to blogger, I'm a member of atmyhouse crochet group also, it's a lot of fun to blog, & congrats!! your prize is great!! anyone that crochets or knits, winning yarn can just really make your day!!!

Di said...

Who knew you had such talent? I hope one of those projects are for me!!! The golf socks came out amazing!! Do you have a pattern for mittens??????


chuck said...

those projects look like they were done by a professional oh wait they were. good job keep it up:)

Jeffrey said...

Those projects look pretty darn cool:)