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New additions!

I am proud to say we have 3 new additions to my family! Furry ones that is.
The first came about in a serious case of kismet- I was considering inviting a new doggie into the house since Titan(my Aussie) is getting older and we were feeling he needed a companion.
About 2 weeks ago I received a call from my friend Lynne from Grateful Danes Great Dane rescue. I have adopted from her twice in the past, so she needed someone she could trust. She knew of an abused pup (18 month old) harlequin that needed rescuing fast, so the owner dropped her off about 9pm. Then she dropped off one sheltie at a time.
It took about 2 weeks, but now she trusts up completely and has become a different dog. I am so proud to say she has changed from a shy, fearful animal with no life in her eyes, to a playful, happy, obedient pet! The shelties were only supposed to be temporary....

Well...if you know what an Aussie looks like you can understand why I couldn't turn these guys away!'s been a little crazy, but the kids are LOVING it, so therefore so am I.
It's a great Summer so far!

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