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I really haven't updated in a long time! Well a lot has changed I noticed, lol. I read my profile and I am no longer a SAHM, I am a working mom, although I am home now on medical leave.
So...last August(07)I started working at the town animal shelter and I LOVE it!
However in November I got bit by a feral cat, due to some serious stupidity by a co-worker, who shall remain nameless. The cat punctured my radial nerve in my left hand, the inital injury healed quite ncely due to a terrific hand surgeon, however, the injury which left me with RSD/CRPS in my left hand. This is an incredibly painful and debilitating illness, but I am blessed with a wonderful pain management doctor. After OT and a serious commitment I went back to work in 6 weeks and was doing really with medical June 08 after being told by my direct supervisor I was not to handle strange cats, the secondary supervisor ordered me to care for a cat that was in medical distress and I got bit again, directly on the spot where I was having all of my RSD issuses.
This set me back to worse than I was before!
My doctor not wanting to take any chances decided to jump right on it, he immediately put me on strong pain meds(even though I balked at opiates) and ordered Stellate Ganglion Blocks back to back which were unsuccessful. now I am scheduled for a SCS(spinal cord stimulator).

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Claudia said...

thanks for coming to visit my blog! I'm so glad you're blogging so I can come by regularly and visit! :)

So glad to meet another vegetarian. I'm not allowed to eat any soy products now because of the breast cancer thing, but other than that, I'm enjoying every bite.

Feel better soon. What an awful thing to have happened!!!!