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Knit a Long

I think I may have come up with the greatest idea ever! How many people want to learn to knit, but have that mental block? I can't possibly be the only one!!! So...I was wondering if I made it my New Years Resolution to learn to knit could I maybe get some moral support from my friends on my yahoo group?
Of course I did, and when I posted it,I realized I wasn't alone! There are others who want to learn but are afraid to pick up those intimidating needles.

So I casually mentioned to Nina that maybe...with her help if we could get one project together easy enough for us to learn on but not too easy for those who want to brush up on their skills, could we quite possibly develop a learners Knit a Long?

and she said, YES!!

YAY!!! She found me this vintage pattern, which is GORGEOUS, of a shoulder shawl, done in a sport weight yarn.
This is going to be FUN FUN FUN!!!

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