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I'm 40!!

I've entered a new decade in my life and I'm soo excited! New Beginnings, new opportunities, life changes!
I feel like I'm starting the second half of my life, like I'm being reborn somehow, but this time into a woman.

I had a very nice birthday, my girl Katie took me out to lunch at Panera, she met me with flowers and balloons,I had my favorite broccolli and cheese soup in the bread bowl with green iced tea, she gave me the lovliest incense burner and incense and a beautiful pendant crystal. I've been wearing ever since. I really adore that girl, I could love her any more if I had given life to her.

Jason and Charlie made me dinner, eggplant parm and spaghetti with a nice salad and a delicious chocolate birthday cake from BJ's...and my Shelby came, YAY!
Jason got me a Flip, oh the fun I'll have with that, LOL and Charlie gave me a Brighton charm bracelet XD, and earrings, (picasso) for those of you into Brighton, and a mouse for my laptop. I'm very loved...just look at my facebook wall, LOL.
It's great being 40 <3 but even greater being me!


*TheMermaid* said...

Hey I turned 40 on the 9th... right there with you! I am also feeling like I'm walking through a door to the next part of my life. Letting go of all that young girl seeking and drama, on to wisdom and maturity. Or something. Enjoy!!

Deb said...

Happy New-Beginning Day to you! I'm so glad you are embracing this as well! We are beautiful mature woman full of life experience and sensibilities ready to begin a new journey. I'm so glad to have made a new friend to walk along side with me!