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It Just Doesn't Stop

So much has happened since my last post. I really need to tell the story of my bulldogs. So many of you that read my blog followed the story of their adoption with great interest, and I believe you all deserve to know what happened when Jason and I went to pick them up from Florida. 
We picked them up, put them in the car...turned the corner and they began to fight. Not serious,we pulled over and broke it up, separated them and continued on our way. Every single time we stopped to water, feed, or walk them there was a fight. They were just too strong for me to hold, with my RSD, I have absolutely no strength in my hands. 
The fighting was unbelievable, I thought they were going to kill each other. We finally got home and it continued,only now MY dogs were being attacked as well! Poor Max, his jaw took such a beating, but we were able to them apart right away due to the size difference and Max's response to me.
I tried everything with these dogs, I crated them, covered the crates, kept them in different rooms, fed and walked them at different times. They still managed to get to each other by breaking through the metal crates. The female had a HUGE laceration on her forehead from bashing her head repeatedly against the crate in an attempt to escape.
Chewing on the crate to bend the bars so they would brake easily. It was constant fighting, constant tension. 
After a week of this I knew it was time to call in a professional. I found the BEST he has experience with American bullys as well as fighting dogs. When I called him he gave me such encouragement. 

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