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I did it!

I'm so excited!

With the help of the most awesome crochet tutor I managed to complete a real doily! My very first!

Thread is very intimidating to me and the very small hooks were almost impossible to see, add to that a pattern without row counts and I was completely lost and very close to throwing in the towel.

Enter Barb, my pal in Michigan from atmyhouse who volunteered to "help". Then the fun began we got together on yahoo messenger and she actually worked the pattern with me, counted the rows and made it possible for me to finish ( as well as catch a few boo-boos along the way and I only had to frog once :o)

It was like a true CAL (crochet-a-long) isn't that exciting?

Take a look at my finished piece, which is now on it'a way to Barb!!!

I know she'll appreciate it because she knows how hard I (we) worked and was so proud I finished! I hope she loves it and when she looks at it, remembers the fun we had!

Love ya Barb!!


tarateve said...

Stunning!!!!! I love it! Your first? Seriously?
~~Lovies, Tara

MilliesCrafts said...

christ_I would like to say WOW what a great job on the Pinapple doily. You did a good job. Thank you for sharing. Millie

YourWonderfulDaughter said...

Geez! It took you long enough!! :P JUST KIDDING, I swear! Fantabulous job, Mommy. I'm very proud of you. By the way, I looked up the number of that specialist who can help you with your yarn-addiction. ;) Keep it up, and make me some fun-fur socks!!