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I haven't posted in a while, I must admit I'm in a crocheting funk. I've been having some issues in my personal life, my husband moved out I lost a potentially great career oportunity and my daughter and I almost had a GREAT wedge driven between us by her scumbag of a boyfriend.
BUT...through it all, I've learned some very valuable lessons. I've discovered who my true friends are, and that it doesn't matter how far they live it's how close they are to you in your heart. Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, family is everywhere, and no matter how much has gone on in the past few months, I am stronger because of them. I don't know what I'd do without them. I have to remember to thank them, although something tells me they already know how I feel...thats how family is.

So, if anyone has any advice on how to get out of this crochet slump I'd really appreciate it. I just an't seem to pick up my hooks. I look at my yarn and say wow I'd love to make that... or see a pattern and say I need one of those! But when it comes to creating it, it just won't happen.
*SIGH* I'm hoping some of you can empathize and share some words of wisdom.


Mon said...

Wow, what a tough time you've been having. Life has a way of forcing us to particpate doesn't it? :)

It seems like you will come out stronger for it all, by what you say. I hope you continue to look forward.

As far as crocheting goes. Firstly, you have healing and pondering to do, so perhaps your energies are being drawn to what needs attention right now?

However, I have found that crochet (only started in february) is a very meditative craft, which is why I love it over knitting. I can lose myself in a granny square bette than any meditation, lol.
And your videos were amongst the very first I used to learn, as I have no one to teach me.

What began as a craft to do something, evolved into a meditative pactice, and a creative expression that i just can't get enough of. Darn the cost of yarn! :)
When I'm creating, I am more me, or at least, expressing a beauty within me. Even if it comes out all wrong.
Perhaps crocheting again could help you return to a sense of the calm within you?

All the best

untoldexpressions said...


Crochet is one of my first loves, have been doing it for 36 years. I have sometimes found if I am having trouble with a certain project, I do a different kind of project and then either go back to the first or decide I really don't want to do it and donate the yarn to thrift shops. I'm sure you will come out of your slump; you have been going through a lot of very difficult life issues so just remember to take care of yourself. That is the most important thing - maybe take some bubble baths, go for walks, maybe a museum or something like that. I have a great SIL but I don't always agree with him so it is hard to watch him interact with my daughter sometimes.

I have a suggestion about the slump though - leave your hooks down and just pick up the yarn. I am a tactile person and love to feel yarn, etc. Or just look through some books or web links for crochet designs. It will eventually motivate you.

Maybe you just need to grieve these life changes and give yourself some time. Best wishes.

untoldexpressions said...

I wanted to give you my blog address; but it published my private one. If you are interested my blog is:

marumin said...

Wow!!!! Tough times!!!! Hopefully you'll get through it all with the help of your family...
Ragarding your crochetting, how about doing something for charity... maybe thinking of those less fortunate will give you the "kick" you need to start crochetting again???.... How about some caps or blankies for babies??
Giving out to charity will also give you a sense of fulfillment, don't you think???

Your site is beautiful, thanks for sharing so much!!!
Best regards,

Dottie said...

You've Been Through Alot Recently. I Lost My Mother MAy 21st After A Long Battle With Both Alzheimers & Parkinson's Didn't start Hittin Me Till After Everyone Started Leavin To Go Their Own Way's. That's When I Broke.Although We Weren't Extremely Close, The Last Few Month's Soften Things With Me & Her. The Day B4 She Passed, I Asked Her Who Am I, And She Said, "I Don't Know, I Can't Remember.To Make A Long Story Short, That Afternoon/Evening I Picked Up My Hook & Through Tears I Began To Do What I've Always Loved To Do.CROCHET. Even Though I Was Cryin, I Began Feel Better To Know Mama Was In Peace Now, With No More Suffering & Pain. She's With God Now Resting. God Will Not Put On You No More Than you Can Handle.Hang In There
Dottie In va
I'm Only An E Mail Away
God Bless

Deb said...

It's amazing how through craft and the internet we find people we feel we've known all our lives...

Thank you all for your kind words I will most likely be calling on you for one thing or another in the next week or two.

Blessings to you my friends :)