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Slump has come to an end!

Yes my dear friends I am sooo very happy to report that my serious crochet slump has come to an end! At first I thought it was going to be a project that I started and put down and quickly became a WIP, which before long turned into a UFO...especially since it was a project which involved a brand new stitch. A crossed tripple crochet is one I've never done, so at first it was a little challenging, and yes, I admit a fair share of frogging, LOL, but I got the hang of it before long.

It's actually moving along pretty quickly. I would love to share pictures of my progress, but it's a surprise for a friend...who I'm not even sure reads my blog BUT I don't want to take the chance!

I'm actually very excited to be crocheting again. I had so many aprehensions about picking up that hook, I was afraid my work would be inferior...that I wouldn't be able to follow the pattern...the yarn would be difficult...a million things raced through my mind. Most of all everyone who supported me while I struggled through the difficult days of my slump. The people who understood how troublesome it was to WANT to do something and to have this invisibke force inside you holding you back. To want to break through this cloud or smog of unknowing.

So thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this trying time. For reading, offering support, pointing me in several directions for assistance. What a wonderful group of people I am so very blessed to know!!

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