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Exciting News!!

My oldest son is the bassist in a Death Metal band, Warborne. They recently competed in a local "Battle of the Bands" where they went 3 rounds with several talented older musicians.

They WON!! I'm sooo proud of all of these young men. They are so talented, it's amazing how easy they make it look. They really did deserve to win, they played from the heart; they put on a show like never before. I was so proud of them, of the talent, their commitment, and the obvious solidarity, which might have been part of what won it for them. Not to mention the awesome shirts they were selling!!

It's hard to believe they've only been together for a year.
The prizes they won are incredible, $1000, a demo, drumstick, guitar string and pick endorsements, and a 21 stop Northeast TOUR!!! YES my baby is going on tour, can you imagine?? I can't, he's only 18 he just graduated high school.
It goes by way too fast...


Holly Days Closet said...

Congrats to your son this is so cool for him what an adventure. I hope he has fun and will stay safe.

Deb said...

Congratulations! That is an incredible accomplishment. It is hard to let go sometimes, and yes, time goes by wayyyyy too fast.