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Christmas already?

I can hardly believe it's almost Christmas! I am totally unprepared this year, it's December 8th and I have not purchased one single gift yet, can you imagine? That is so unlike me!
I better hop to it, I also started making my crochet list. I've decided I'm not putting any additional pressure on myself, but there are a few presents I really, sincerely WANT to make!! It's not the type of year where I'm dreading making gifts and I have the deadline hanging over my head...I have chosen people I want to create for and I'm looking for the ideal pattern and when I find it, I'm hoping it will actually be FUN!

I'll be creating a list of quick and easy gift suggestions for last minute gifts I've often used in the past for those of you that like to make homemade gifts for teachers, bus drivers, the mail carrier, etc. So be on the lookout for that...also feel free to add to it, I can always use a few suggestions as well :O)

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