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Yule Celebration

We had the most beautiful get together on Wednesday 12/23, one I was certain wasn't going to happen! Originally planned as a Yule ritual for the Winter Solstice which was Monday, when Mother Nature decided to send a blizzard our way the 2 days before...I was convinced my firepot was buried under 2ft of heavy, wet snow. How was I to burn my Yule log amid this?
When I told the kids the ritual was cancelled the disappointment I received in return was more than I could bare. So...what started as a Yule ritual ended up as a Yule ritual/Christmas dessert party...a house full of my family.
My children, their best friends, which have become my children as well, and husbands. Everyone was excited over their gifts!

The ritual was short because it was freezing outside, but it was comfortable, and well received, and everyone loved it, I'm begining to consider inviting them to subsequent solsticice events!

I can't remember when I felt at such peace with the Goddess.

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