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Yule and Christmas

In my house we believe and celebrate all paths to God. Whomever that God, your God(s), may be.
This time of year, everyone gets to feeling a little more sociable, charitable, and hopefully closer to God. 
We  certainly do! We decorate the house, put up a Christian tree, the kids LOVE this, the little ones can't keep their hands off the ornaments, especially the fragile, glass sentimental ones!
We keep the tree lit constantly, oh, did I mention it's a real tree? We will of course use it for compost when the season has past.

Now, as we get closer to the solstice, we will begin to prepare for Yule. My older boys while they're out, will be searching for the perfect Yule log, the one from last year has most definitely been used up!

I have a Yule celebration on the weekend of the solstice where I hold an open circle, anyone the kids wish to invite is welcome. We have cookies, hot cocoa and mulled cider.

This time of year usually gets me excited, and in the Holiday spirit, but for some reason, this year, I can't seem to find it! 
Maybe it's because I did so much of my shopping online? Maybe it's because there are gifts I wanted to make, but I have yet to get started on them, and that has me gripped with a handful of different feelings(aside)?
I don't know there is so much going on right now, if I was ok, I'd be worried!

I am looking forward to the Holidays, because it's not about what gets bought, or made, it's about who you're spending time with. What's important is WHO wants to be with you, share your faith, share your space, share your face, you don't have to be perfect for real friends...friends won't care, they love you, and they celebrate with you because they want to share you, and that's where the Christmas magick lays.

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