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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving...let's just say, what can go wrong, will go wrong! This year was a new experience for me, for more than just one reason!

I admit I got a late start preparing, in fact it wasn't until Wednesday that I actually got my turkey, so I was stuck with what was left...a Butterball. Not too happy, but it was fresh and it was big.
Oldest daughter worked just a few morning hours, so it was wonderful to have her home with us the rest of the day, while unfortunately oldest son had to work from 2-6 which meant a later than usual dinner. 

So, we snacked... taco dip, cheese and crackers, onion dip with cru de tet, stuffed mushrooms, chips, fruit. 
When it came time to prepare the stuffing I realize I have no thyme, and no can this be? It's too late to run the store of course, so Thanksgiving with no stuffing. OH well, we'll live.
Now onto the vegetables...cream cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, which my 7yr old not so lovingly refers to as the original stink bombs, LOL. Cranberry sauce, turnips, and mashed potatoes. No gravy you ask? Well that too is a story.

When I attempted to make my gravy like I usually do with the turkey drippings and flour, a rue, add water and there's gravy...this time all I got was pure oil in a lovely shade of golden brown :O/ 
 How on Earth did this happen?? I haven't a clue, all I know is that Butterball turkey cursed me and I'll never buy another one again.

I'm ready for a Thanksgiving do-over, where can I get a $.29lb turkey?!?!

I hope all your Thanksgiving dinners were more successful, now on to crocheting Christmas gifts. YIPEE :O)

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