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Learning to knit/KAL New Years resolution was to learn to needle knit. Yes, I know I've said this in the past, but I seriously am sick and tired of seeing a pattern and saying to myself .....OH, I'm going to make that for insert name of loved one here only to be disappointed when I discovered it was knit.
I learned successfully, to cast on and do the knit stitch which it pretty easy and surprisingly FUN!

Then came purling...and the beginning of my demise...
Purling is twisted and confusing and just plain evil. I simply cannot master it, is there something wrong with me? Am a spaz or do my hands and mind just not know how to work together?

UGH!!! I'm frustrated. However, I'm NOT under any circumstances giving up!

As for the AMH KAL, I decided to use a circular needle instead of straight and moved up to a size 4 with my limited skills I have a feeling this is going to be a lifelong project for me,LOL!


Maria said...

I taught myself to knit. Just think of pearling as backwards knitting. Your doing the same stitch just backwards or away from you.
theres also some pretty awesome videos on Youtube.

Good luck.


Mon said...

I started with knitting and then went to crochet. I LOVE crochet, love it love it. Knitting is cool, and I migt return one day, but it's just not me.
Your purl comments make me think that you'll enjoy this.

Deb said...

Mon, Can I say I just LOVED that site you sent me to?? Amazing, because that is exactly how I feel about purling and I really must meditate before I sit down and spend time with "her".
I absolutely love your blog, the minute I visited I became a follower, so I definitely be back, you are a wealth of information!