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My Award!

Armina, the wonderfully talented lady who brought amigurumi to life for me honored me with this award. I am so thrilled to be grouped with such gifted and generous ladies! Thank you my friend. I wish much love and blessings to you this coming year, you deserve it!

Now I have to select 5 blogs and pass this award down. If I leave you a note saying that I am giving you this award then you can come back here and save this award to your own hard drive. Then post it to your blog with a link back to my blog. After that you can create a post with your selections of five bloggers and that is all there is to it.

It was a difficult decision for me to make in selecting 5 blogs. There are so many wonderful and talented people out there. Now it is your turn to select 5 blogs of your choice and link back to my blog. It wont be easy, trust me I know. Good Luck!



Great choices! I love these awards because it recognizes and gives exposure to so many wonderful blogs and so many talented people!

Juls said...

Thanks so much!!! I am so honored that you picked me as your top 5!

*Crochet Hugs*

Deb said...

These are blogs that I visit regularly for inspiration, ideas, or just a crochet pick me up.
I believe in karma and that we are all in this for the same reason. As women, we need to support each other and I thoroughly enjoyed this!

ann said...

thank u so much .....and my little blog thanks u too