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Me teaching crochet?

I never thought it possible. I have my very first student. She's AWESOME!
a little background~
My daughter had a few friends visiting one day and I was putting together an exchange, so I happened to show the shawl I made when Katie, jokingly commented that I should teach her to crochet! And I said SURE, because I believe everyone should know how, since it's so much fun. Well since then we've been trying to get our schedules organized so we could actually sit down and do it.

Thursday night Katie and I met at the library and sat together for about 2 hours, in that 2 hours this young lady who had never held a crochet hook in her life learned how to make a slip knot, chain stitch, AND single crochet!
Can you imagine how proud I am of her?
I sent her home with basic red heart super saver and an H hook as well as my copy of I Taught Myself to Crochet, (which is how I learned).
On my Facebook wall Katie wrote how she's looking forward to becoming an expert so we can crochet together. I'm so looking forward to that as well since I've wanted my daughter to learn for the longest time and she's tried, but it's just not her thing :o(
So many times I've thought about how wonderful it would be to work on a granny square afghan together, but I can't even mention that to Jill, LOL.
She loves the idea of hand made items, as long as she's not making them!! HAHAHA.

SO! That's my wonderful experience of teaching crochet, I'm anxiously awaiting our next lesson, and I am looking forward to Katie and I crocheting many years in the future together. I have a feeling she'll be challenging me :o)

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How very cool!!! Congrats! I firmly believe this art should be passed down to as many people as possible.