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Holiday gift thinking!

It seems that everyone is tweeting about what they are making as holiday gifts! I'm not even ready for Thanksgiving, but that's between you and me, right? Every year I decide I will begin early get a jump on things, so, by the time I really feel the crunch of UH-OH, I better get started...I've already got some gifts made.
You see, I have quite a stash of really nice yarn, so there's no excuse for me not to get started on teachers gifts, it's only 3! The bus driver, the nurses, I really would love to make something for Carleen at the shrinks office, she's so good to me, calls me if I'm ever in danger of missing an appointment.
So why the procrastination? Getting to the yarn? It's certainly not getting to the patterns...they're right here at my fingertips, literally!
I also want to make a few things for Jeffs friends, I really love these kids. I had a brainstorm today, what about hackysacks? It seems they're constantly roofing them, sooo  if I make them all one with their initial on it, I think they will think it's cool. As for the girls, maybe a cool scarf? We'll see.
And that's where I'm at now, I still am looking around for something simple my 9, 7 and 5yr old can make for the teachers themselves, OH and grandparents of course , thank goodness we only have 1 set. LOL

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