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Now that my giveaway has ended, and a winner has been chosen, congratulations Raven! 
I just want to share how much fun this has been for me. OK, I did forget to send out reminders a few days, but just the anticipation of being able to send out a nice box stuffed full of mystery is an awesome feeling!
While the giveaway has been pending a few things have happened here in my household, I adopted an adult pit, Maximus from AC&C in Manhattan he's 5 and was suffering from an URI, so he has to return on 12/4/10 to be neutered. Until then, we're dealing with his "affection" for everyone in the house. I must admit, my patience for that is getting rather thin.
I've gotten in touch with a few friends I haven't seen or talked to in months, and that's a good thing :O)

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