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Please help......MDAS is cleaning house All dogs need out today and tomorrow. Don't have a time frame as to when they will be put down but very very urgent. This is no joke!!!! Tell everyone!!!
Know that this means any animals past due, without holds or DNE'S do not have much time. To close the shelter for intakes so that it can be cleaned of disease does not allow for all animals to remain there indefinately.
We are trying to rescue at least 2 American Bulldogs from MDAS today or tomorrow.
They have a family that wants to adopt them from Seldon, NY. Deb Stelling.
these dogs will have to be taken to the vet immediately. CANNON has a tick infestation and will need treatment for that before he is able to travel and get the health certificates the dogs need for transport.
Ground transportation is being worked out now.
They will stay at Comfort Kennels until ready to go to New York's Long Island.

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