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Well a few things have changed here on my blog since I've updated last. I've lost a few followers, one I'm not I'm VERY surprised because I don't know why I thought we were friends and I'm sincerely disappointed that this little bump in the road would really disrupt our friendship and that disheartens me.
I've noticed a few of my followers have become anonymous...oohhh very mysterious, I don't really mind you can be shy that's fine with me :o)

Change number 3 and the most annoying of ALL and I must say it's really pissing me off, is this stupid music thing from my MySPACE, I don't know how on Earth I managed to get that there , but I can't figure out how to get it off!!!

So if anyone wants to add me to their MySPACE my url is

And that's my update for now...I'm keeping my chin up and moving on <3

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Mon said...

I find it a fascinating process - when we go through tough times and we discover friends we never knew we had, and friends we thought we had disappear.

How do you 'see' anon followers?