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I sincerely hope everyone reading this blog understands that there is no viciousness here. There is no finger pointing, name calling, or ill-will.
I am devastated by what is happening to me over something so silly and I really sincerely wish for peace.
I have had enough distress in my life these past few months that I have no reason to cause any more. In an effort to avoid more trouble between women I consider family I left yet another loving situation where I had once found comfort.
Remember friends I live with an illness which causes me daily physical pain, some days I'm lucky if I can get a jar open, or sweep the floor.

We only get one chance at life why live it with anger and regret, we all make mistakes. I'm moving on. Maybe loom knitting is the way to go?
maybe I should make more stitch markers? OR Jewelry?

Maybe I need to really consider a peaceful life in Kentucky? Or maybe it's time to to go back to school for my Masters? everything happens for a reason, life is all about lessons...
we just have to remember to do the learning.

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Holly Days Closet said...

I'm so sorry about what happen with AMH I was in your exchange group a few times and you are a great leader. If there I can help in some way let me know.
Holly Day